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This is my very first book. It comes from an exceptionally hard point in my life full of big changes, turning points and adversity. It’s written out of order to reflect the chaos of my life and the jumble that was my life at the time of creation. the dragonfly cover represents one of my favourite creatures – the bringer of change and is an ode to how delicate Icarus’ wings were.

The title is an homage to the story of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun trying to escape the island of Crete. It is a reminder that all of life is maintain balance – fly too close to the sun and your wings melt, go to low and you risk drowning. This leads into the anchors part of the title. I was carrying around a lot of weight when I wrote this, holding on to so much. As I started to let things go I felt lighter. It was a reminder to only hold on to what grounds you, no what weighs you down. Lastly, “You”. This part is both specific and generalized. It stands for the two beautiful souls who took up the bulk of the pages, as well as friends and family, but it also stands for the reader and their relationship with balance and baggage. It’s definitely heavy on the symbolism.

Thus far, I have had plenty of folks tell me that this book helped them navigate through their own low points and others say that it was a reflection of tenacity. Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear them. If you’re looking to preview the pages, Amazon offers a “look inside” option you can have a taste before you buy. You can also sample my poetry on Instagram alongside some of own photography as well as photographers whose work spoke to me.

Find it on Amazon and Kindle here.


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