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My second book, Pearls & Swine was published April 27, 2018. Something about the process of the first book left me feeling like I needed to keep writing. Poem after poem fell out of my fingertips as I typed the words and Pearls & Swine was born. This one is a bit of a longer read with a total of 300 pages – it’s sure to last you a little longer than it’s predecessor.

Pearls & Swine was both named and based on one of those old saying my dad used to say all the time – “Don’t throw your Pearls to Swine”. I’m not entitely sure how popular this saying is so I’ll explain it quickly. Not throwing your pearls to swine is the idea that you through away things of value to you (time, money, love, thoughts) on things that don’t value them. The book centers on not wasting your time on things which give you nothing in return as well as a focus on mental health and self worth.

It’s a lot lighter than Icarus, Anchors & You and was written for myself as well as anyone else who was struggling with “throwing your pearls to swine”. Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear them. If you’re looking to preview the pages, Amazon offers a “look inside” option you can have a taste before you buy. You can also sample my poetry on Instagram alongside some of own photography as well as photographers whose work spoke to me.

Find it on Amazon and Kindle here.