This is the Northern Ontario Project – where I feature places from across Northern Ontario and photographers of all calibers alongside my poetry. Each poem is inspired by the corresponding photo in order to bring attention to the arts and landscapes of this beautiful corner of the world.

Northern Ontario has been my home since the day I was born. I’ve lived in many of its cities, and have done my best to visit every corner of this slice of paradise. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to get out, and as I grow older I’ve come to realize that there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be. This is my thank you to people and the places that make up the part of the world I call home. It is my way of showcasing its beauty and featuring the folks who are just in love with the curves of this land and the way she moves through the seasons.


This photo is taken by Anne Pelletier of Iroquois Falls. Anne is a fellow writer and aspiring photographer. She has found ways to turn her life story and unimaginable hardships into something beautiful. She is remarkable. Find her work at


This photo was taken at Porcupine Ski Runners in my home town of Timmins Ontario by Lyndsay Jacklyn – who I can personally attest to be an incredible human being. Winters are long up here, but if you take a look around you’ll fall in love with it’s charm, beauty and adventure.


This photo was taken by Saultite Shantelle Morin Nichol at the Hiawatha Highlands Conservation Area. In winter the Highlands turns into a beautiful spot to cross country ski and snowshoe, and the rest of the year it boasts beautiful hiking trails with waterfalls and other beautiful views. There is something magical about these trails – almost story book enchanting.

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